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Metal Type : Silver-925
Metal Finish : Polished
Setting Type : Prong
Variety  : 100% Natural Tourmaline
Shape : Mixed
Carat Weight : 1.35 Carats
Clarity : Very slightly included
Cut : Mised
Colour :  Multi Colour
Natural Tourmaline Color Combination in This Unique Classic Ring is Undeniably Beautiful.Brown and Green Oval Cut Tourmaline Gemstone with other small natural Tourmaline Round Shape Set in Silver.( Rhodium Plated) With the Guarantee Certificate This ring is stocked and immediately available in a size 7US) Standard size-(14). Any ring size requested that is not a size 7 will take 2-3 working days to resize.

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[SKU 005]



100% Unbeatable Price and Wholesale Price Guaranteed.


We Ship World Wide,Please check Shipping & Returns for more details.


We supply Only 100% Genuine Natural Gemstones, Please Note- We don't sell any Synthetic, Glass Filled or Diffused Gemstones


Your satisfaction is our business, 14 days Money back Guarantee

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